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City Tile imports only the best, most exotic and exclusive tiles in natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic tiles from around the world. We are well known for our exceptional service, competitive prices and unparalleled selection. Come on in and see our showroom, enjoy an espresso and relax while visiting City Tile.
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Welcome to the CITY TILE Showroom

City Tiles new location offers clients a modern, full service 13,000 square foot tile showroom

Stop by today and see Vancouver Island’s largest selection of ceramic, porcelain, slate, travertine, granite, glass and stainless steel tiles – including 2,200 varieties of tile and natural stones in the store, with and innovative new products arriving each month. 

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City Tile is committed in providing great service, quality, and competitive pricing to our valued customers.

Also, as a business we take pride in selecting who we recommend to our clients. If you would like the job done right the first time, CLICK HERE to view our trusted installers

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The Fireplace is made from a variety of Stone Resins which is pressed and formed in a mold. Only available in one color.

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City Tile’s New Location Grand Opening

City Tile Opening

City tile opened its first store on November 23, 2003. And, 8 years and many happy customers later, on September 10, 2011 City Tile officially opened their newest store in a 13,000 square feet building in Nanaimo, British Columbia.